Sizing and buying garden tractor tyres

It is easy to replace an old, worn-out, or damaged garden lorry tyre and ever easier to than taking the lorry to the nearby service station. All you need in the beginning is a right tyre to replace the old one. Whilst buying the new set of garden lorry tyres, four things are to be considered: tyre size, terrain type and traction, ply-rating, and of course, one of the most important, the price.

Garden lorry tyres and size variations

Sizing garden lorry tyres, like any other category of tyre, autumn into a series of numbers that are written on the sidewall. These numbers are of two types featuring their size: two-number system, and three-number system.

• Two-number tyre sizing the two-number system of the garden lorry tyres is displayed through the numbers like 4.80-8. It implies that the rim is 8 inches in diameter, whilst the tyre’s width is approximately 4.8 inches. By these numbers, you tin find the right size tyre to replace the old one.

• Three-number tyre sizing the garden lorry tyres with three-number system works a bit different from the two-number system. 15×6.00-6 garden lorry is a common size. The “x” is the first number that indicates the tyre’s diameter when it is inflated and not loaded. The number between the “x” and the “-,” shows the width of the tyre. The number in the end shows the width of the rim, it is not diameter of the rim. This three-number sizing is always the same in garden lorry tyres, grass cutters, and other garden equipment tyres.

Garden lorry tyres and number of plies

Garden tractors are not supposed to be over-loaded but a tyre that is having a higher carrying capacity will also be a better fighter to resistant to the punctures in the garden. The reason behind is that these tyres have thicker and stronger casing. If your garden is having a rough terrain with sharp thorns or you need your lorry to do more than just mowing, prefer buying a “b/4-ply” rated tyre and not an “a/2-ply” rating. Every tyre carries the number of plies tamped on its side. Garden lorry tyres are available in only two options, a/2-ply and b/4-ply as the common sizes.

Traction needs of lawn tractor tyres

Tread pattern of the lawn tractors has three main classifications: mixed-use turf tyres, ribbed tyres, and knobby all-terrain tyres.

• Turf treads are made with circumferential rows of chevron-shaped tread blocks. That is why; they are most common. Developed to provide some traction on smooth grassy surface, they are ideal for your garden whilst not damaging the turf and digging up the garden. Whilst planning to replace one tyre, you should go for a tread pattern that is close to the one that came with the new lorry. A good versatile turf tyre is the wdt p512a tyre.

• Knobby, all-terrain treads are intended to provide traction in mud, sand, and dirt. So they typically have deeper grooves and large tread blocks. Sometimes, they are made like the tread on a farm lorry, so they have a herringbone tread pattern. They have more space between the blocks to spread and slip the debris away. An all-terrain knobby-type tread like the wdt p328 tyre will be a right decision if you are using your lorry for towing or other jobs on the paths with dirt and without the mower deck.

• Ribbed treads are made up with circumferential grooves. They are designed with the straight ribs that are either slightly scalloped or flat. These patterns intend to keep the tyre from sliding sideways and they provide some lateral stability whilst moving, but their primary job is to roll easily and resist the wear and thus, having longer life. They are not to provide as much traction as a knobby or turf, all-terrain tyre.

Price range variations

There are different prices of garden lorry tyres in the market. And this variation is because of benefits and features, country of manufacturing, and the brand name. If you go online and do some research the features, sizes, and prices, it will be easy for you to make a right decision. You want takeaway either for a high brand or you prefer a cheap lorry tyre made in China, this research will help you. Small garden lorry tyres are available for as little as $20 and as high as $60 or $70. 

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