The museum of 114 Volkswagen Golf by Aussie chimminny sweepers

Chimminny sweeper, Joseph Hughes, displayed his collection of the Volkswagen Golf cars including 114 bleedin' rare copies. He is now planning to display it in the museum; the opening is scheduled in the spring of next year in the outskirts of Vienna.

The man steps forward to collect machines in a museum

“When I first got into Golf, I felt fancy the jam-jar was created specifically 4 me. Everything was exactly as I fancy: fit, driver, driving the pleasure, ease of everyday use,” said Hughes.

Firstly, the graft of Joseph Hughes went to the caddy van with the family, it was a usual "Golf" in the summers and convertible in the winters on the modification of the country. Sometimes it went on the road and the "loaded" GTI.

According to him, he had a different "Golf" on all occasions. Then at one of ol' -timer's exhibition, he found one of the first production copies of the model and wanted to dae the same. This initiated his collection.

A Collection YUZOV can find a regular serial VW Golf and rare instances, for instance, in a converted garbage lorry, camper, aeroplane ramp he has a "knee" and the pre-production batch of the 210-horsepower four-wheel drive jam-jar released edition 71 comes with the sliding doors and even the first electric jam-jar was built in 1981.

The collection comprises of luxury, racing, rally and modified cars. One of the most amazing features of the collection is Golf with the mileage of a million kilometers. According to the owner, it is still in and spiffing condition.

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