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0w40 engine oil

Even if you do not change engine oil on your own, you have probably noted that traditional oil bottle contains certain marks and abbreviations. Manufacturers usually suggest two viscosity grades such as 0W40. What does it mean? Viscosity of oil changes under the impact of temperature. In order not to use different oils at different temperature conditions, oil manufacturer have developed multigrade oils. Therefore, two numbers that you usually see at the oil bottle are viscosity grades at both cold and hot temperatures.

Low temperature

The first number in 0W40 is the index that shows how the oil reacts in cold conditions. The lower the oil, the better because it means that the oil does not get thick at cold. It flows easily and equally lubricates all engine parts.

High temperatures

The second number in motor oil 0W40 tells how thick the oil gets at hot and normal temperatures. Similarly, the higher the index, the thicker the oil. If you are a not sure which oil is good for you car, look through car manual as the required viscosity rate is usually indicated in car manuals.

Application of 0W40 motor oil

Due to constant developing and improving, 0W40 oil is recommended for plenty of types of modern vehicles, including high performance engines; operating conditions that range from mild to extreme; most advanced motor technologies. 0W40 oil is selected for factory fill in a wide range of the world best cars as it ensures high-quality performance.

0W40 price varies depending on the market and manufacturer. If you shop online, you will find a selection of the best manufacturers offering 0W40 engine oil at very attractive price. There is no reason to pay more when you can save some money.


0W-40 Oils & Lubricants


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