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10w50 engine oil

When it comes to choosing engine oil, a car owner can easily get lost, considering the number of oil manufacturers. However, selecting the right oil is extremely important. When you start the engine, internal parts of it start moving and rough up with each other. Engine oil is needed to lubricate these parts and protect the engine from damage. Environmental conditions also play important role as in hot climate traditional oil gets thin, and at low temperature it becomes thick. Multigrade oils have become a real miracle and wonderful solutions as they have two viscosity grades and change condition at various temperatures.

What is viscosity?

Viscosity is usually indicated on the engine oil bottle like 10W50 where 10 is viscosity grade that shows how the oil reacts in winter, and 50 – how thick it becomes in hot climate. The lower the first number, the better as it ensure better lubrication of all parts of the engine.

Description of 10W50 motor oil

10W50 engine oil is one of the best quality engine oils. It corresponds to requirements of the most demanding drivers and provides 100% protection of the motor. 10W50 oils can be used for many modern vehicles, especially vehicles with high performance engines. The oil has synthetic base, which ensures stability and resistance to extreme driving, severe conditions, and oxidation.

10W50 oil price can be different depending in the manufacturer. As the oil is a common choice, you will easily find bottles of 10W50 oil of the bets oil manufacturers in car service stations, shops and even online shop. The price varies from place to place but the best offer is always online. Online shops have relatively low prices as they do not include extra fee for renting a shop.


10W-50 Oils & Lubricants


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