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10w60 engine oil

Most car owners take their cars to service station to change oil but, if they try to do it themselves, they will probably look through the manual to find out which oil is recommended by the manufacturer. Even though here is nothing bad in both cases, knowing a little more about the engine and engine oil will be good for all car owners.

What do you need to know about engine oil and how to choose it?

One of the main criteria when choosing oil for the car engine is to know about its viscosity. Viscosity is how the oil reacts and flows in various environmental conditions. For instance, 10W60 motor oil is a popular choice of people living in hot regions. 10 stands for viscosity index at 0 degrees, and 60 – at 100 degrees. In other words, multigrade synthetic oils become thicker when it is hot, and get watery when it is cold. This features of oils help protect the engine from wear and damage as the oil provides lubrication.

Purchasing engine oil 10W60

Liqui Moly is one of the leading manufacturers of 10W60 motor oil. The company is known for its advanced technologies in developing brand new products. Liqui Moly engine oils are not cheap but purchasing high-quality oil is a contribution into the vehicles engine and its proper functioning. It will reduce wear and eliminate overheating.

No matter what is the 10W60 oil price in traditional shops, there is always a chance to find cheaper in online shops. A wide range of internet shops offer the same oils of the same high quality but different in price. In addition, there are car websites that have price finders and help find the best offer online. What is the point of overpaying?


10W-60 Oils & Lubricants


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