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A very productive model constructed by the company. These are faultless and flawless tyres.

All its features are superior. They are comfy and easily knobble. Their conduct is stunning and highly impressive. They make no noise and highly operational. Talking about the grip is exceptional and their good year ultra-grip is 88% and these tyres are profoundly capable of moving on barren, slushy roads. These tyres are best for the winter season and snowy areas as they provide a great balance and its stability is favorable and can handle the pressure comfortably. They are perfectly designed to give a stylish look to cars. They are preferred due to softer compound. Their wearable duration is not short, they can handily last for a long period of time without any loss. The braking system is also positive and acceptable. The speed they contribute is sterling and accelerate amazingly. Can be little bit expensive have no competition with other tyres.


175/65 R14

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  • width: 175
  • height: 65
  • diameter: 14

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    • 175/65 R14 82T
    • Car - All season

    Quicklink to the offer: 17,260.00 4,750.00
    • E
    • C
    • 68 dB

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    • 175/65 R14 81S
    • Car - All season

    Quicklink to the offer: 3,460.00

    from  3,460.00 

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