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The ultimate 205/40 is a complete package of up to 92% grip with a tendency to be altered depending on moisture conditions. It usually supports the great Sedan Vehicles with great leisure, support and grip. Their grip strength is exceptional. They accompany a joyful ride and are completely reliable. With lesser errors, lesser noise, the grip and attachment for the love of the road is almost up to 93%. These usually employ wider alloy rims as they are greater in size and the tread-marks on the outer skin of the rubber are so made to stick to the road movement patterns and make the ride smooth, luxurious and comfortable. It gives comfort to the users and can absorb the toughness and roughness of the roads. The designs of these tyres add beauty to the cars. Day by day improvements have been shaped in the models. The features have been enhanced.


205/40 R18

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  • width: 205
  • height: 40
  • diameter: 18

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    • 205/40 R18 86Y
    • Car - Summer

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    • 74 dB

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