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215/50 R17

Tyrewidth 215, with a sidewall profile 50 and radial 17, these tyres are best used for auto gear engines. They show best efficiency when used in tread depth with minimal difference. This size has been majorly used for preparing competition tyres for racetrack use. Usage of 215/50/17 usually saves from expensive driveline damage. tyres are subjected to extreme harsh environments when in use. Besides being extensively stretched as they roll through, they are exposed to brake dust, friction, heat, chemicals and direct sunlight. In addition to that, they go through extreme temperature variation. These tyres with such specs are good to go for such driveways considering their sidewalls and tread grooves.
these tyres owe to their size excellent wet grip with broader base tread groove. Their performance on dry grip turns out to be efficient too because of which they can be used (euro metric) for transportation vans and sports vehicles.
the overall durability of these tyres gives a better average on miles driven.


215/ 50 R17 Tyres

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  • width: 215
  • height: 50
  • diameter: 17

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