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225 55 R16 Tyres

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225/55 R16

tyres with a width 225mm between the sidewalls, percentage width 55% and diameter 16 with excellent handling in wet and dry conditions. Fuel consumption by tyres in rolling resistance is less and gives a good average on miles driven. These tyres have outstanding tread depth. Good gripping and exceptional braking at high speed in wet conditions make them favorable to use in emergency situations. These tyres can work well in dry and wet, but do not give good results while driving in snow. These tyres are available at affordable prices rate with great performance. Works best and provide comfort even in rainy conditions. Grooves in structure of these tyres provide excellent noise reduction and are useful in silent travel drives. Tyrewear is not extreme in these sizes. Careful controls are required in deep mud to have good results. These tyres grip well in sharp mountain arches. These tyres are well balanced and comfortable to use.

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