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235/45 R17 Tyres

These tyres excel in its all features among the other models. It is a tip top product manufactured by the company to fulfil all the needs of their customers. The marvelous designed tyres are the attention seekers. The aspects of these tyres are worth taking.
The grip function is the heart of these tyres. They are way smoother and gentle when used. They are way safer and enjoyable to drive on.
They can readily and handily move on dry, harsh, rocky and wet maintains its grip on subzero conditions as well as the directional pattern helps to move out slush and snow swiftly. These tyres are long lasting and fully road lover. Its breaking system is efficient and its wear factor is influential. They are so comfortable and easy handling. A bit expensive but lend its best in all perspectives. They do their job amazingly by providing a full fledge package.


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  • width: 235
  • height: 45
  • diameter: 17

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