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235/70 R16 Tyres

A buyer always looks for a tyre with a strong grip and focuses on a few of the item to decide which tyre is good to buy. Out all of the things the most important of all is the grip of the tyre. Few of the tyres of the size 235/70/16 are Goodyear Wrangler AT SA and Avon ranger. The former is designed especially for the SUV and is an All season all terrain off road tyre. It has an average dry grip of 90% and a wet grip of 85% providing firm grip and easy handling in both dry and snowy conditions. They are comfortable, safe to drive with traction and has a progressiveness of 86%. The latter, Avon Ranger, has an average reviewing of 88% over a driving distance of 149,500 miles. It has a dry grip of 92% and a wet grip of 90%, is comfortable to drive with the percentage of 87%. They have proved excellent in their working.

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