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245/45 R19

These are the tyres with a width of 245mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 45, and a diameter of 19. These tyres have good grip in wet and dry conditions. Driving in snow and slippery road is no more a big deal now. These tyres have a good grip and adhesion to the road. These tyres aren’t noisy and are comfortable to use. They have a noise range between 68-72dB, which is not disturbing. These tyres have a greater wear rate so they aren’t as durable as other tyres, but these tyres have a good grip on the road and are affordable which make them as a good choice of the customers. They have low rolling resistance in dry surfaces. These tyres are recommended for people with moderate driving style, but heavy and fast cars.  These tyres have good fuel efficacy and gives good fuel economy: these tyres are cost effective. These tyres have good drainage of water so a very good wet grip during braking.

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