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255/ 40 R19 Tyres

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255/40 R19 Tyres

These are the tyres with a width of 255mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 50, and a diameter of 19. These tyres have excellent dry gripping. They do not lose traction at high speed and aren’t slippery. These tyres are comfortable and do not have much noise, they have noise range between 71dB to 73dB. They have a bit louder noise nut this noise is not much discomforting and the driver get used to it by the time. XL tyres in this tyresize have remarkable wet surface traction and they are safe to use in rainy weather and wet roads. Due to their size these tyres can easily cope with small ruts in the road, but one has to be careful about the big ones! These tyres have provided a greater edge to drivers by remarkable braking in emergency situations and keep good cornering. These tyres are durable and are not easily worn out, they are the same on paved and unpaved roads.

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