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265/35 R18 Tyres

These tyres of width 265mm between sidewalls, percentage width 35%, and diameter 18 are noiseless on rough surfaces and are reliable. These tyres provide comfort and a smooth drive to passengers. The grip rate of these tyres is excellent having no understeer. They are durable tyres with less wear and one of the highly recommended tyres. They have remarkable performance in lubricious summer roads as well as wet, rainy winter roads and are resistant to dry condition, but they do not turn out to be a good option in emergency situations. But a great drawback of these tyres is that they are often out of balance depending on the brand. They are comfortable enough even at high speed. The best parameter of these tyres is their appearance. These tyres are a bit rigid because of which there are less chances of wear. These tyres do not shriek at higher temperatures and gives better average.


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  • width: 265
  • height: 35
  • diameter: 18

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