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Bridgestone Turanza ER300 Tyre

Bridgestone’s eco-friendly Turanza ER300 Tyre Grand Touring Summer Tyre is manufactured for Original Equipment use on Mercedes Benz sedans and can also function as replacements on other coupes and sedans. In dry and wet conditions, its formulated to blend traction, grip and ease but tantamount to all the summer tyres is not considered to be driven in snow or ice.

It is designed into asymmetrical tread pattern and composed of Summer Tread Compound. The large blocks and circumferential ribs of the pattern provides responsive grip and resistance in dry conditions while lateral and circumferential tread grooves helps water escape from beneath the Tyre’s footprint thus minimizing the risk of hydroplaning. Internally the tyre has twin steel belts held up by spiral wrapped aramid and nylon to boost handling and high speed capability.

It also bears the Bridgestone’s Ecopia symbol to denote that they provide lessened Tyre rolling resistance to amplify vehicle fuel economy and also reduces the vehicle’s environmental effect by aiding in reduction of CO2 emissions.


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