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Buying Panaracer tyres

Looking for new tyres for your bicycle? Panaracer is one of the most recommended bike tyre manufacturers. The brand is famous due to its quality and reliability. Panaracer began its story in 1952 as a rubber manufacturing company but later focused solely on manufacturing tyres for bicycles. Domestic manufacturing allows to control the quality of production at the highest levels. Panaracer employs the best engineers and designers that constantly research and develop technologies that help improve manufacturing. New designs are also developed and implemented on regular basis. There is a strong emphasis on cutting-edge CAD tread and profile development. Panaracer is constantly upgrading equipment used for manufacturing, including molds, bladders, and other tools.

All tyres are manufactured from advanced rubber that has extended wear term. Panaracer tyres comply with international standards and meet all requirements. Buying tyres of this brand means buying high-quality product.

Where to buy Panaracer tyres

Panaracer tyres prices presented in most stores are higher than in online shops. If you are looking for cheap Panaracer tyres, you should purchase them in online shops. Most online shops offer a wide range of products, including possibility to order those models that are not in stock. Shop online and discover new opportunities.


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