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Buying TVS tyres

When you think of performance of a motorcycle, the first thought that comes to your mind is the engine. The engine is really important and plays a considerable role but tyres are another important part of any motorcycle. Tyres provide stability, control and handling. They make sure that your motorcycle is able to accelerate, brake or turn. That is why it is crucial to choose high-quality tyres.

TVS brand is one of the most recommended manufacturers of tyres for motorcycles. Good road, bad road or no road at all. No need to worry, if you have TVS tyres. TVS is a leading two and three-wheeler manufacturer in India. The brand has already acquired solid reputation and trust.

Technical features of TVS tyres

TVS brand manufacturers tyres not only for motorcycle but other vehicles, including scooters, agrarian tyres, lawn and garden tyres, truck tyres, multipurpose tyres, etc. TVS tyres are manufactured from a high-quality material, which is a blend of synthetic materials and rubber. This material provides good contact with the road, great handling and grip. TVS tyres cope with all the road tasks perfectly well.


TVS tyres are developed and manufactured by experts in tyre manufacturing industry. They are constantly working on developing new technologies to produce excellent quality tyres that will have improved features. After every stage of manufacturing, TVS tyres are visually checked for defects and for any mistakes that might have occurred during the process. Quality is of utmost concern and every finished tyre is taken to a quality station where it is visually checked. Sample tyres from a batch are picked at random for further quality checks. Once the tyre is completed, it receives certificate that verifies its quality. TVS car tyres also have international certificates that verify that TVS tyres are manufactured in compliance to international standards. These certificates include ISO 14001-2004 (MDU), ISO 9001-2008 (MDU) , ISO-TS 16949-2009 (MDU) , ISO 9001:2008 . The company also applies Quality Policy and Environmental Policy.

Where to buy TVS tyres

TVS tyres are a popular product in many countries due to its wide range of application. The cost of TVS tyres is reasonable and acceptable but there is always a possibility to find a good deal. If you shop online, you know that prices in online shops are lower than in traditional ones. The same refers to car shops. TVS tyre price is more attractive on the Internet than in most shops. Moreover, online shopping gives you flexibility as you are provided with a wider range of products and can always order products that are not in stock at the moment. Buy TVS tyres online and enjoy benefits of online shopping.


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