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Performance driven Yokohama Advan Sport tyres

Yokohama Advan tyres with their “Sport” branding have been seen to provide exceptional performances on a global platform. This has included recognition by French magazine “Motorsport” or, Le Magazine de L’Automobile Sportive, and the UK magazine “EVO.”  If you are seeking the best of two motoring worlds then Yokohama Advan sport tyres offer the smooth, quiet and comfort of a limousine with the performance values of a race tyre!

As a pedigree, this tyre offers development on the highly demanding Nurburgring race circuit, combined with the inherent technological expertise and experience of leading vehicle manufacturers. The Advan sport Yokohama tyre innovation also benefits from determined benefits from advances made in the filed of eco-tyre and racing tyre technologies. Hidden beneath its surface is the latent, inherent power and resilience of a racing tyre, with a Matrix Body Ply structure providing rigid support that offers a fast steering response, for you, the driver!

Excessive heat and wet grip control with the Yokohama tyres Advan Sport experience

Yokohama is presenting motorists with significant tyre options. Utilising its exclusive and innovative “Orange Oil” technology a blend of three crucial performance factors has been created. If you are a discerning motorist looking for the superior tyre that offers fuel efficiency, exceptional wet surface gripping and an extended tread life, the Yokohama tyres Advan sport brand name is one that has been designed for you!

Your motoring experience will be advanced by technology that includes the removal of petroleum oils from the tyre construction process.

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