14 best driving music, bindaas!

The combination of music and driving is just like butter and jelly. They are better when couplled together as it is highly difficult to have a brilliant drive without an excellent from accompanying it.

Nowadays your phone gets connected to the wagon , whether it's your wagon boost built-in Bluetooth capabilities, the auxiliary jack or any other device took from Amazon would wirelessly hook up, the driving tunes are extremely essential for a good trip.

Just like all the other aspects of life, listening to the same old playlist can be very irritating so that is why we have decided to scour spotify to provide some of the most excellent driving playlists.

Did we miss your favourite one? Tell us in the comments!

When you are cruising down the long motorway

1. Just imagine, you are cruising down the motorway, an open road ahead and the Pacific Ocean to your right, listening to the "wildflowers" by tom petty. It may just be the perfect day,

2. Don’t be deluded by the name of this it's a perfect day as well, we highly recommend the "ocean eyes" Billie Eilish as it would cause a change of pace whilst you cruise away.

3. The night drive includes a collection of raspy vocals and outstanding ballads; they will easily get you through a long drive. Listen to "cherry wine (live)" by Hozier for the stretch to journeys. When you need to seriously rock out behind the wheel

4. Where to start? People have been driving with this song playing in the background for decades. It is actually impossible for the things takeaway wrong when "mustang sally" by buddy guy is coming through the speakers.

5. When some rock classics are mixed together with early 2000's hits, there is always something for everyone to tap along. Make sure to blast "seven-nation army" by the white stripes.

6. Any playlist is worth playing when it has "left hand free" by alt-jay towards the top. It is a perfect blend of music to rock out whilst living in the faster pace. When you are in the mood for some hits on your journey

7. Sometimes you just want to have something new that doesn't autumn into the radio pop hits category. The driving playlist provides you with just that without all the extras. Jam out to "stargazing" by Kygo when you get into the wagon.

8. Highly possible that those radio hits are actually what you are looking for so without all the commercials, it's almost impossible to not sing along to Havana by Camilla Cabello. So let it go when you are behind the wheel, next time. When you want the perfect mix of tunes for the road ahead

9. An outstanding mix of music spelling the decade the driving commute will provide you with everything from "Mr. Brightside" by the killers to "S.O.B." by Nathaniel Ratliff and the night sweats.

10. Don’t worry; we did not forget about the perfect music for driving through the field after field some beautiful country. Drive brings together the country hits and the classic rock- a perfect mix of music to loosen you in. begin with "traveller" by Chris Stapleton and go from there.

11. It also features new songs along with the legendary beats that you have heard before so you cannot go wrong with the morning commute. Make sure to throw in "Chateau" by Angus and Julia Stone on through your speakers. For the ultimate serenade, jam-sesh whilst road-tripping

12. All the words to smash mouths "all-star."

13. Although it is very exhausting when such songs come first there's something good about knowing all the lyrics of a song that you completely forgot about. Imagine you are in a camp without which any carbide is incomplete, "iris" by the goo goo dolls. For the commuter who is trying to stay calm and relaxed

14. Rounding off this list with the perfect music relax when that Prius cut you, calm classics. It can never go wrong with the "Diana" Aaron Zigman, it doesn't take Mozart to hear the melancholy sounds which end up in desperation through the piano keys. Chill yaar!


Well, the best music for the driver is still the sound of his new tyres, agree with us? Then we have something to offer you:  

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