The Spring Classic – one of the most awaited events of this spring

Sports events are very popular in Canada and America. Probably this is the reason why the Spring Classic show has become such a popular event. The event gathers vintage race cars from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and provides lots of fun for visitors. This spring the show will take place on May 18-20. If you are a fan of vintage cars, do not miss a chance to visit the Spring Classic that is preparing a lot of interesting activities. The tickets for the event have been available since autumn.

One of many interesting events that will be held at the Spring Classic is the Historic Motorcycle Exhibition. It will display bigger number of bikes and old historic cars. Visitors should also visit the Historic Motorcycle area because it will become the place for displaying old moto signs and old memorable stuff related to racing. Moreover, this exhibition area will include awards for best display bike and best race bike.

Historical insight into the show

Even though the show is relatively young, it has already become very popular. The history of the Spring Classic started in 2013. From the very beginning it was is a vintage vehicle race that gathered the best samples of race cars. Only vintage cars older than 20 years can take part in the event. The program always includes different venues related to motorsport and its history. The organizers of the event prepare routes, considering the condition of the roads of the selected location. All participants are offered to follow these routes and provided with Route Book containing detailed information. However, participants are not obliges to follow them, and, if they want to deviate from the routs or schedule, they are free to do so.

Mazda Laguna Seca: finding the right place

The place, chosen for nay big event, place an important role. It can contribute to creating the right atmosphere or totally ruin it. This spring the event will take place at Mazda Laguna Seca, which is said to be an excellent choice of organizers. The area has all needed facilities and will help create amazing show. It is worth noting that Mazda Laguna Seca does not use any investments to improve its facility. Everything is done at the cost of companies and agencies, who benefit from improving local facilities.

Who will you see at the Spring Classic?

The best opportunity to see old and unique race vehicles is to visit the Spring Classic on May 18-20. Fans of old cars confess that one of incredibly interesting participants is 1966-1972 Trans-Am 2.5 Liter that will participate.

The Trans-Am Series was designed in 1966 by the Sports Car Club of America. The company was also known as the “Trans-American Sedan Championship”. With time the series changed name several times. It is not a secret that some of name were connected with brand names of sponsors.

In 2017 one of the most well-known and reputable tyre brands called Pirelli became exclusive supplier of Trans Am Series. The tyre manufacturer also became racing sponsor. Change to Pirelli P Zero tyres has beneficially influenced speeds and lap times. Among other race groups that will take part in the show, you can see Formula Atlantic, Formula B and Formula C, Stock cars, Formula Ford, Can-AM, etc.

The crown of the event - Nitro Revival

The spring Classic will be honored with one more vent – Nitro Revival. Nitro Revival is one of the most awaited parts of the event. Visitors will have a great opportunity to see a great number of vintage cars and renewed drag vehicles powered with nitromethane. As a part of the show many well-known racers have been invited to come to event. Nitro Revival will take place at the second day of the event – May 19. It will ensure interesting activities, including sport activities and exhibitions.

This show can bring to life the best days of fuel dragsters with frog engines. This is where the history is back to life in restored vehicles that look like brand new. Nitro Revival is like a unique re-union of different vintage cars. Visitors will get a chance no only to take a picture with race cars but also with alive legends. Nitro Revival is an opportunity to see a huge number of classic street rods and hot rods. Organizers say they have prepared something special for people the visitors. To be more precise, the Saturday event will end up with mass fire-up. Just imagine the roaring sounds of classic drag vehicles. This is the sound that could be heard everywhere in the hills of the picturesque Monterey Peninsula.

Racers and fans say that Nitro Revival show is unconventional car show. Organizers of Nitro Revival confess to being very happy that the event will take place at Laguna Seca, considering facilities of the area. There is no need to say that the event will add a special race element to Spring Classic show in general. The history of drag racing is rich and vivid, and has plenty to offer. There are many interesting events to revive in the memory of people in order to remind how it was back then.

You are invited to become a part of Nitro Revival – the even that might become a considerable page in the history of the Spring Classic. The 11 run groups of around 200 historically-correct sports and race cars that will race on the 11-turn, 2.238-mile road course during the Spring Classic range from 1966-74 Can-Am to 1974-94 Stock Cars to Historic Motorcycle exhibitions.

Those, who have deep interest in old vehicles, sport activities and fun should join a weekend event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The Spring Classic will have a lot to offer to absolutely different age groups of visitors. Three days of active program will make your weekend energetic and Make sure you have a ticket not to miss the event.

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