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15w50 engine oil

How much an average car driver knows about the engine of the vehicle or engine oil? Most of us prefer taking car to mechanics, who can do the job for us, but if it happens to change oil, you need to know how to do it and what kind of oil use.

Oil provides lubrication for the engine, and, in such a way, ensures protection from overheating. There are different types of oil, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, and traditional. Synthetic oils are more popular and widely used as they are developed and produced to meet certain requirements. Viscosity is one of the main features that should be taken into consideration when buying engine oil. Viscosity is how the oil reacts in under the influence of different temperatures. As most modern engine oils are multigrade, they have two viscosity grades….

The choice of oil greatly depends on the conditions of driving. Some oils should be used only in hot climates, other are manufactured for usage at cold temperatures. Mobil 15W50 motor oil is a widely popular choice for variety of motorsports applications, towing and other critical service situations.15W50 engine oil has been produced for usage in extreme conditions when traditional oil fails to cope with its primary task.

15W50 oil features

  • Prevents occurrence of sludge and various deposits.
  • Ensures lubrications and minimizes wear of the engine.
  • Better performance during between oil change intervals recommended in the vehicle’s manual.
  • Excellent cold start.
  • Reduced stress on starting system components of the engine.

15W50 oil available in traditional car shops and on the Internet but the best 15W50 oil price is, of course, online. Online shops sell authorized genuine products are lower price, offering their customer great opportunity to cut expenses on regular technical service.

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