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Buying Metzeler tyres

Are you looking for new tyres for your motorcycle? Do you want to purchase high quality tyres that will make your driving experience safe and comfortable? Than you need to purchase Metzeler tyres. Metzeler tyres offers quality and reliability – exactly what all drivers are looking for.

Metzeler is originally a German manufacturer of motorcycle tyres. The company was established in 1863 as a producer of rubber and plastic goods but soon expanded its business. In 1986 Metzeler was bought by an Italian giant – Pirelli.

Metzeler products and design

Metzeler brand produces excellent quality tyres for motorcycles. Metzeler tyres are good not only for private usage but also for racing. The model range of Metzeler tyres includes Sport, Sport Touring, Touring, Enduro Street, Enduro On/Off, Motocross, and Scooter. All tyre models have different constructions that result in different technical features that help cope with different tasks on the road. There are four main construction of Metzeler tyres.

Bias tyre. The structure of these tyres are made of a carcass with two or more layers. Each layer has special textile cords coated into tuber.

Bias belted tyre. The design of these tyres is different. It consists of a traditional carcass and a belt of two or more crossed layers. The belt is manufactured from an aramid fibre to minimize dynamic deformation caused by centrifugal force. Carcass is made of material that makes tyres stiff enough to carry load.

Belted tyres with radial carcass. The carcass in this design is radial. The cords are wrapped radially around the tyre, giving advantages in terms of cornering stability, reduced weight and speed performance. These tyres usually are rigid.

0 steel belt tyre with radial carcass. This type of tyres is produced with patented Metzeler technology for front and rear tyres utilising a radial carcass and a single layer belt made of steel cord. There is a considerable benefit of using steel. It results in high rigidity and allowing to achieve different levels of stiffness.

Metzeler tyres online purchase

If you are looking for cheap Metzeler tyres, you should look online. Metzeler tyres price greatly differs from price in traditional shops. Even though cost of Metzeler tyres is not high, it is always possible to find a good offer online. Metzeler tyres online are original and sold with corresponding certificates. Buy Metzeler tyres online and feel all the benefits of online shopping.

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