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225/ 50 R17 Tyres

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225/50 R17

225/50 is legend of its own kind. The perfect examples include Nokian WR A3 supporting an overall performance of 92% and a breath taking mileage of 340,232 miles. The extraneous grip, relating 93% of the support and up to the figures of 93% of the love towards the road. This rubber is an extremely comfy production of its company which not only is the love of the stance nation but also is really suitable towards the settlement of Deep Dish Rims, low profile suspension and negative cambering. Better examples for the model include Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 putting up a mileage of around 2,282,323 miles. This is all marvelous quality tyre with precision, grip, comfort, speed, and good acceleration and braking. You’d lose your breath, but never the grip.

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