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How Our Michelin Energy XM2 Tyres Can Change The Way You Drive

The Micheline energy xm2 tyes are one of the highest quality, top notch tubeless summer car tyres. Their material is primarily rubber and there are 27 versions available for the Michelin xm2 energy so that they fit cars of all sizes without a problem. In terms of tyre specifications, their diameter start from 13 inches and goes all the way up to 16 and consequently the load range can vary from 75 up to 99. The weight of each tyre can vary from 4kg to 6kg.

When it comes to the advantages that these tyres have, since they have a unique tread pattern that can adapt to the irregularity of the road or the surface, it allows them to have a better dry and wet grip both so that safety is ensured at all times. More so, the silica compound found in these tyres is what helps give the energy xm2 michelin their excellent wet grip. Having good grip for tyres is paramount and these surpass all the expectations regarding to the durability, safety and comfort. These michelin energy xm2 tyres also rate high in their noise proofing and reduction qualities.

The benefits of these michelin energy xm2 tyres are that due to their latest technology, these tyres provide 20% extra mileage when compared to their competitors. When the mileage is more, it means that you can get the most out your vehicle as the tyre replacements will be less and the savings will be a lot more. On top of that since the quality of tyres provide firm grip on the ground and therefore receive lower rolling resistance, it also results in 8% reduction in the fuel consumption which results in greater savings. This feature allows these tyres to perform with high mileage snd make the car a lot more fuel efficient. Since the tyres grip the ground very effectively, it also increases safety as the tyres are able to stop 1.2 meters shorter than other tyres in the market.

These michelin energy xm2 tyres can be easily fitted into cars such as Honda Jazz, Maruti Swift, Hyundai Elite i20, Honda City, Toyota Innova and many more. When the tyre is fitted into these vehicles, all of them undoubtedly provide a great balance of performance so that not only you but the car is also happy.

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