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Buying Dunlop tyres

Proper vehicle maintenance always includes buying good tyres. Tyres are an important part in the vehicle. Some drivers say that tyres are even more important than engine. Why? Tyres ensure safety and control over the vehicle. Material and technologies used for tyre manufacturing impacts the way the car brakes, accelerates and grips. If you want to be sure that your tyres will not fail you in bad weather, always buy high-quality tyres.

When it comes to choosing manufacturer, you might not know which one to choose. One of the most recommended tyre manufacturers is Dunlop. Dunlop brand was founded in 1889 in England by John Boyd Dunlop, who was the founder of pneumatic tyre. Today Dunlop is owned by different companies around the world. Thus, it is owned by Goodyear Tyre and Rubber company in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Why Dunlop?

Dunlop car tyres offer profound expertise and quality. These tyre ensure comfortable driving, higher speed capabilities and reduced noise effect. One of the main reasons why so many driver choose Dunlop is innovations and technologies that the brand uses to manufacture tyres.

Noise shield technology. This technology has been developed to cut interior levels by up to 60%. an advanced polyurethane foam layer is bonded to the tyre’s inner surface to reduce interior vehicle noise, without compromising performance capabilities.

Multi blade system. Multi-blade system is another technology that makes Dunlop tyres stand out from other manufacturers. The following technology protects tyres in extreme and varied winter conditions with the help of multi-blades. There are different types of blade for various winter conditions.

RunOnFlat tyres. Punctures should not be the obstacle for reaching your final destination. You do not have to stop and immediately change tyre to continue driving. RunOnFlat is a technology that allows you to continue your trip with a punctured or damaged tyre up to 70 km. It is important to note that Dunlop RunOnFlat tyres should be used on vehicles esigned for run flat tyres and equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Hybrid overlay technology. Hybrid Overlay Technology ensures minimized circumferential deformation at high speed.As a result you get smooth wear, good wear resistance and speed stability.

Dual silica compound. Dunlop tyres are manufactured form high-quality material. Dual silica compound ensures low wear process, and improves speeding and braking. The vehicle is easily handled in winter and in summer without compromising its performance.

Where to buy Dunlop tyres

Dunlop tyres are very popular, which increases their demand. Dunlop tyres prices are unreasonably high in most shops due to huge popularity. If you are searching for cheap Dunlop tyres offerm you should look for Dunlop tyres online. Online shops offer not only the best price Dunlop tyres but also great services in general. You can pre-order specific tyre model if it is not in stock. Moreover, permanent customers always receive information about discounts and interesting Dunlop tyre deals.

Buy Dunlop car tyres online and save your money and time.

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