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Check Out The Best Quality Motorbike Tyres Right Here: Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli Angel GT tyres are an essential sports touring radial tyres that are essential to a good performing bike. These tyres are designed to be ideal for long road trips and it does not matter whether the roads are wet or dry since these Angel GT Pirelli are adapted for both situations. These tyres are made of a bi compound material which is hundred percent silica for better contraction which is great for excellent grip on the wet surfaces in particular so that traveler safety is never compromised. It is also claimed that these tyres provide 30% more mileage and have far superior braking distance capabilities.

Pirelli also claims that the tyre’s performance is consistent throughout their life and till the very end so that the consumers don’t get into problems once they have used the tyres for a good amount of time. The 2 ply carcass for improved stability so that the grip is strong to the ground and the riders can receive consistent feedback from the road as well.

These Pirelli Angel GT tyres are available in twelve different sizes and they are “W” rated for speeds of 168+ mph and “V” rated for speeds up to 149 mph. This means that you can easily and confidently bump the speed of your vehicle to these ranges. So these tyres provide the best of the best use when it comes to you and your motorbike.

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