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Buying Pirelli tyres

Experienced drivers will tell you that tyres are one of the most important parts in any vehicle. That is why it is immensely important to purchase high-quality tyres of trustworthy brands. One of the most recommended and well-known brand is Pirelli. Pirelli is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world with considerable experience and impressive record of successes. The company was founded in 1872 in Italy but today it is present in 160 markets all over the world.

Pirelli car tyres are associated with excellent quality and reliability. No wonder. The company has unblemished legacy in the motorsport arena as it has been supplying tyres for Formula One Championship since 1950. Today it supplies tyres for thousands of cars all around the world.

Best Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyre offers combination of great design, high quality and innovation. The company produces tyres using special polymers and silica. The usage of state-of-the-art technologies and compound design help increase greater mileage. All tyres have strong and rather solid construction, which ensures longer durability and provides resistance to obstacles on the road.

Experienced designers and engineers develop new Pirelli tyre models. Products undergo tests and examination at all stages of production to receive certification as a product with lasting term of performance. As an international company Pirelli provides 4-year warranty for its products. The warranty becomes valid form the date of purchase.

Pirelli tyre construction

Pirelli manufactures tyres for all vehicles models, including SUVs. Most models have wide nlock tread that ensure excellent grip on the wet road. The continuous central rib aids in attaining precision on high speed. The deep channels in the grooves prevent against aquaplaning. Some Pirelli tyre models have broader shoulder blocks at pronounced angles that provide better off-road grip.

One of the main purposes of manufacturer is to produce tyres that will ensure not only safe driving but also comfortable. Pirelli produces tyres are characterized by low noise features and very convenient driving mode.

Fuel efficiency

Pirelli is constantly working on reducing rolling resistance, which will lead to fuel economy. For instance, Pirelli Scorpion range of tyres is characterized by 20% lower rolling resistance achieved with the help of optimized profile and special materials. This model of tyres can be used for a longer distances up to 65 -100 000 km with reduced tread wear.

Where to buy Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres cost is higher in comparison to mass-market tyres offered by some brands. It also depends on the specific tyre model. The most expensive models come in P Zero model category. Pirelli car tyres prices also vary depending on the shop. It is always possible to find cheap Pirelli tyres, if you purchase tyres online. Online shops offer excellent and lower Pirelli tyres price in comparison to traditional tyre shops. If you are looking for the best price Pirelli tyres, do not waste your time and buy Pirelli tyres online.

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