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Buying Continental tyres

It is immensely important to buy high-quality tyres, if you are concerned about your safety. Tyres play an important role as they ensure control over the vehicle and good grip on the road. One of the most recommended and reputable tyre manufacturers is Continental. Continental is a leading German tyre manufacturing company with considerable experience in tyre constructing and manufacturing. The brand was established in 1871 as a rubber manufacturing company but has developed in the fourth largest tyre company in the world. Today Continental has a global manufacturing base in different countries in the world, including North America and Europe.

Continental company is focused on creating high quality products and providing safety to its customers. Experienced engineers and designers are working on manufacturing tyres using state-of-the-art technologies. All innovations and technologies undergoes numerous tests before going into production. The company uses and develops advanced testing methods to deliver mature and optimized products to its customers.

Reasons to buy Continental tyres

Continental tyres offer excellence in many ways. All tyres are manufactured using the best materials and technologies. The company has products to meet needs of all drivers and provide safe driving in different weather conditions. Continental tyre range includes summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres suitable for different types of vehicles.

  • SSR technology. SSR or self-supporting technology is a runflat technology developed for low section tyres that make these tyres compatible with standard rims. SSE technology is based on self-supporting reinforced sidewall. Tyres produced with SSR technology allow driving at a speed up to 90km/h in the event of a puncture.
  • ContiSeal technology. ContiSeal technology is developed to reduce impact of tire tread damages. ContiSeal is a special sticky layer applied to the inside of the tyre in the tread. In case of penetration of any foreign objects or a puncture, the technology eliminates the need of immediate tyre change as it seals the hole.
  • CCR technology. Another excellent technology of Continental is ContiSupportRing. It provides mobility to the vehicle in case of tyre puncture. This innovative development is achieved by mounting stainless steel ring with flexible support and standard tyre. CCR technology has been developed for standard rims and tyres with high sidewalls.

Where to buy Continental tyres

The cost of Continental tyres varies from shop to shop. All drivers would like to find cheap Continental tyres but not all of them know where to find low Continental car tyres prices. The answer is very simple. The cheapest Continental tyre prices can be found in online shops. Online shops offer not only the best price Continental tyres but also excellent services and convenience. Most online shops have nice discounts and deals for loyal clients. Permanent clients are the first to find out about reduction for Continental tyres price and nice Continental tyre deals. In addition, online shopping is convenient. There is no need to leave the house as everything can be purchased and delivered directly to your place.

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