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Buying Kenda tyres

Looking for high quality tyres for your car? Make sure you are buying the best tyres because tyres are one of the most important parts in any vehicle. They ensure stability, control and, in such a way, safety. When it comes to choosing tyre manufacturer, many drivers become lost because they do not know which one to choose. One of the best value for money options is Kenda brand.

Kenda is a Chinese manufacturer of pneumatic tyres established in 1962. The company has numerous facilities in different countries, including Taiwan, China, Indonesia, America, Germany and Vietnam. Kenda tyres are available in numerous market of Europe and America. Kenda manufactures tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, trailers, and ATVs. A considerable experience in tyre manufacturing makes Kenda tyres a reliable product that meet requirements of drivers.

Design and quality of Kenda car tyres

Kenda factories has the most advanced equipment to produce the best quality tyres. The company uses materials with improved compounds to extend wear period and ensure excellent features of tyres, including good grip and braking. Experienced designers and engineers are working on producing tyres that will meet requirements and need of the most demanding drivers. Kenda tyres comply with international standards and requirements, and undergo checks at all stages of manufacturing. Drivers receive verified and tested product with manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Casing technology. Kenda uses K-armor technology for superior puncture protection and rolling resistance. The super light-weight material features a tighter weave than traditional puncture breakers while being lighter overall. This technology also improves rolling resistance.
  • Iron cloak technology. Kenda applies the best puncture resistance material, which is laid up on the tyre casing from bead to bead. As a result, it provides puncture protection and reinforces the tyre sidewalls.
  • Hard rubber compound addition. Kenda tyres have hard rubber compound, which is a quick rolling, long wearing rubber compound that provides a comfortable ride but does not feel too hard.

Where to buy Kenda tyres

Kenda tyres are very popular among car drivers and bicycle owners. The company products can be found in most stores but the cost of Kenda tyres will be different. If you are looking for the best Kenda tyre price, you are recommended to check online shops. Buying Kenda tyres online is reasonable as online shops always offer lower prices in comparison to traditional stores. Moreover, loyal customers are provided with nice discounts and bonuses. Online shopping is a convenient tool that offer various services. You can order tyres that are not in stock at the moment and shop will purchase them for you. Buy Kenda tyres online and enjoy online shopping services.

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