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What does 5W40 oil stand for?

Most car owners take their vehicles to a garage to change oil but if you want to do it yourself, you need to be a pro in certain matters. Inexperienced driver will get confused the very first time he/she buys motor oil. The market offers a wide range of oil products and it important to understand the difference between the products. One of the most important characteristics of any oil is viscosity. This term was established by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and describes liquid resistance to flow. Oil that flow like water usually has low viscosity index, and oil with high index is usually thick. In different environmental conditions viscosity of engine oil changes. Thus, at high temperature oil gets thick and at low temperature – watery. When buying oil on your own, make sure that you understand that you are buying the right type of oil for your car.

Which oil to use in hot whether?

Motor oil 5W40 is a popular choice of many drivers for warm weather. It is suitable for various vehicles, including bikes. 5W40 motor oil provides engine with better protection and reduces its wear. 5W indicates proper lubrication and, in such a way, guarantees protection in cold conditions.

Purchasing 5W40 engine oil

Once you know what oil you need, you can go to any shop to find it. However, you are recommended to check online shops that usually have a pretty good range of the same products but different at price. Therefore, buying 5W40 oil online is a better choice, considering that the 5W 40 oil price is not low in general. Moreover, purchasing motor oil online has additional benefits such as convenience and home delivery. There is no need to go to a garage to change oil or pay extra to a mechanic for provided services. Buy engine oil 5W40 online and change it whenever it is convenient for you.

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