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What makes Castrol oil a good investment in India?

If we start comparing the various oil distributors and their products worldwide, it will be seen that Castrol lubricants are among the leaders. They are produced by a Castrol subsidiary company in India which is recognised as being a foremost industrial and automotive lubricant manufacturing company in the country.

When you compare the costs involved in maintaining your vehicle review the highly-competitive Castrol oil price and take into account the value of your investment.

The product you buy is the result of an established Indian heritage of over 100-years. It encompasses innovative success in a challenging market that is known as automotive lubricants!

Boasting three manufacturing plants located at Silvassa, Patalganga and Paharpur it encompasses a vibrant distribution network that extends to more than 105,000 customers. The Castrol oil benefits include a Research &Development (R&D) centre in Mumbai designed for the development of advanced technology for the worldwide lubricants operation.

Inclusive technical expertise in the Castrol oil price

Castrol has achieved a leading position in the majority of market segments in which it operates. Their technological expertise is shown in Castrol synthetic oil with maintenance products designed and in the form of technically superior fully-synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. Within the Indian Industrial lubricants, consumer market Castrol oil recommendations are accepted as being able to provide a complete solution for lubrication needs.

This is added to by market leadership in innovative fluids designed for preventing corrosion and metal working fluids. Castrol products provide and meet the demand for conventional oil and specialised lubricants for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and tractors! Adding to this are lubricants for agricultural machinery, plant and general industries as well as marine engineering applications. Customers are secured by the products possessing a global chemical registration status and compliance for all locations where the products are employed.

How Castrol lubricants entered the space program

When you next buy your Castrol car oil you are gaining more than a protective lubricant; you are holding a brand name that has contributed to a NASA venture to planet Mars in 2012 in the spacecraft, “Curiosity.” At that time in Castrol history, its industrial grease was paramount in the smooth operation of critical components. Formulated for the space program the grease was capable of performing in temperatures between minus-80 degrees Celsius to 204-degrees Celsius.

Castrol oil products offer the highest quality and performing lubricants designed to meet the majority of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They include

  • Automotive lubrication
  • Motorcycles
  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
  • Fuel for car and diesel engines
  • Transmission fluids for manual and automatic vehicles
  • Chain lubricants, coolants, and waxes,
  • Brake and suspension fluids
  • Greases, cleaners and maintenance products.

The success of the company is contributed to the original philosophy of founder Charles Wakefield. It is still practiced today in the same form and is an encouragement for customers to buy Castrol oil because they are an integral part of an established and proven mutually beneficial business partnership!

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