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Liqui Moly oil guide

The engine is the heart of any vehicle, and motor oil is its blood. For proper functioning of the vehicle car, it is important to use good-quality oil. However, considering the number of oil products, it is very difficult to find good and reliable oil. Liqui Moly motor oil is one of the most reliable and trusted oil products in the market. The company itself was established in Germane in 1957. Liqui Moly company has been developing along with car industry providing cars with necessary oil products. Today the company’s major product is oil with MoS2. However, there are also other Liqui Moly lubricants with the same element and the additive MoS2 that can be added by car drivers when changing oil in the vehicle.
Liqui Moly produces oil for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, trucks, yachts, etc. The product range of Liqui Moly includes motor oils, additives, and pro-line products for professionals.

  • Oils

Depending on the type of gearbox, drivers can buy oils for automatic and manual gearboxes. Different types of oil have different purposes and they should not be confused. For instance, the major task of oil used with manual gearboxes is to lubricate the engine, and using different oil will impact the performance of the engine in a bad way.

  • Additives

Fuel additives improve engine performance and remove elements left in combustion chambers. It results in lower fuel consumption, and eliminates necessity to repair vehicle. Oil additives help reduce engine wear and compensate metal abrasion.

Features of Liqui Moly engine oil:

  • Improves engine performance.
  • Excellent lubrication in extreme conditions, including low and high temperatures.
  • Decreases pollution of environment and reduces consumption of fuel.
  • Proper oil pressure at any speed of the engine
  • Clean car engine
  • Additives can be mixed with other oils

Liqui Moly oil price

Those who use Liqui Moly regular basis say that the oil is worth the price. Liqui Moly engine oil price is not low in comparison to other brands but perfect performance of car engine is the exact reason why so many drivers prefer Liqui Moly products. High quality always costs money. You cannot get outstanding product for nothing as development and improvement require funds. Good news is that most online shops offer Liqui Moly oil products at a little lower price than conventional shops selling car accessories and parts.

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