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Designer motorcycle engine oil is the answer

This heading may seem confusing when related to you and your motorcycle engine oil but it does lead us into determining which is the best oil for you and your bike! Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question except to say that like your clothes, the best motorcycle engine oil for you is one that suits your bike and your motorcycling needs.

Generally, your motorcycle manual will only offer specifications related to oil viscosity and service classifications, but not its origin or the manufacturer. When we consider the best motorcycle oil to use we are also usually considering bike performance, extended life, and fuel efficiency, which means price! This takes us to compare the differences between mineral and synthetic motorcycle oil!

Which motorcycle oil will best suit you?

Focusing on the synthetic oil product shows that it’s created in a laboratory. It has an inherent consistency and is devoid of contaminants. Meanwhile, its mineral oil counterpart is extracted from the ground and, whilst it is subjected to being refined, it is possible for the finished product to contain some contaminants, but to a minimal extent. However, that does not promote your using only synthetic motorcycle motor oil which in certain instances do have formulas that include mineral oils!

Earlier we mentioned fuel efficiency and price and a primary advantage of mineral oils is they generally and significantly cost less than synthetics.

Branding and the best motorcycle engine oil

A lower viscosity or resistance to breaking down is an advantage with oils that are synthetic. It means that they reduce internal friction resulting in greater efficiency and performance and to a degree, improved fuel economy. Also competing for your attention is the semi-synthetic motorcycle oil, which is usually blended from a lower specified base oil utilising a process known as ‘hydro-cracking’ and designed to convert natural oil into base oils.

Some upper-quality semi-synthetic oils may contain a percentage of Group-1 base oils, which are completely man-created from various chemical blends. Although it may involve a higher cost factor, synthetic oil could provide you with a positive fuel economy return. This can relate to motorcycle gear oil choice and an extended engine life.

However, it is your choice as to which is best motorcycle oil brand and type that meets your personal needs and satisfies your bank account!

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