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Here Is What Our Apollo Alnac 4G Tyres Have To Offer

These top notch quality rubber tyres are simply the best summer touring tyres for your car and are known for their all-around high performance delivery. In terms of their specifications and performance, these Alnac 4G Apollo are H/V rated and their wide circumferential grooves that are 3 1/2 give them a special ability which results in great water drainage that allows for extra grip and solid stability in rough weather conditions and on wet surfaces. The control on wet surfaces is further alleviated by the fact that these tyres have high silica content so that the grip on wet surfaces is absolutely weatherproof. This gives the passengers a lot more safety when it comes to driving their vehicle. Another great thing about the Apollo Alnac 4G is that they make the vehicle run even smoother as these tyres offer low rolling resistance and a much more comfortable drive because of their stiffness optimized center rib.

These Apollo Alnac 4G tyes are capable of providing high stability on the highway and during faster speeds because their tread pattern contains a larger outer shoulder. This type of patter also allows for greater steering control during lane changing of the car when driving. Another technical aspect to these tyres is that their tread compound based on higher Tg (Glass transition temperature) rubber so that they tyres can react accurately in emergency situations or sudden braking. The width of these tyres ranges from 185 being the smallest and scale up to 195. Their rim diameter is 60 and the load index ranges from 82 to 86. It is also known that their optimised pitch sequence and wear pattern is designed in such a way that it ensures a low noise level throughout the tyre's lifespan.

Available in twenty four different sizes, these tyres are mostly tubeless can be fitted into mid-sized and executive passenger cars such as Ford Ecosport, Hyundai i20 Active, Toyota Corolla Altis, Audi A3 and many more. These tyres are also highly rated when it comes to comfort so that you can be sure that you are getting the best tyres not only for yourself but also for your family and car too.

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