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Apollo Amazaer 3G: The Perfect Summer Tyre For All Your Car Needs

The Apollo Amazaer 3G tyres are T speed rated tubeless tyres that are designed in such a way for maximum comfort and efficiency. Since these tyres offer low rolling resistance and a good grip to the surface, making them ideal for city use and dry roads. Apart from this, tense tyres also have optimal gauges that provide an extra cushion when driving. Another great thing about these tyres when it comes to control is that they possess an asymmetric tread pattern so that the tyres can firmly grip to the ground. These tyres also carry stiffer outer walls so that they can stand strong against all types of wear and tear. The Apollo Amazer 3G have a lower unspring mass and avant grade techonology embedded in them which in turn increase fuel efficiency, mileage and cost savings in the long run. Since the load of the unspring mass is also to a minimum, the tyres can also have a longer working life.

When driving the Apollo Amazer 3G, it is good to know that their speed ratings are generally “I” or “S” which means that these tyres are suitable to be driven at high speeds such as 180km/hr or even uptill 190km/hr.

In terms of technical aspects, their weight is estimated to be 6kg and the load index is rating is 79.These tyres come in five sizes and can be used for passenger vehicles with 12, 13 and 14 such as a Maruti Celerio, Maruiti Wagon R, Hyundai EON, Datsun GO and many more.

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