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Buying Falken tyres

Japanese products are famous for their quality, especially when it comes to tyres manufacturing. Most drivers are very well familiar with Falken tyres because this brand is a synonym to quality. Falken brand is a brand that manufacturers tyres for passenger vehicles, light trucks and medium trucks. The headquarter of the company is located Japanese but has offices in many other countries, including Germany and US. The brand is believed to be relatively young as it was founded in 1983 but it has already become popular.

Technology and design

Tyre manufacturing is a complex process that involves different stages. Falken car tyres are known for convenience and quality. These qualities are achieved by means of using modern technologies and materials.

  • NEO-T01 technology. This technology is used for manufacturing runflat tyres and high-performance tyres. When a tyre rotates at high speed, its degree of circularity has a considerable influence on its overall technical features. Falken tyres manufactured using this technology achieve very high degree of circularity that improves stability and other features at high speeds.
  • Metal core production. This method of manufacturing tyres presupposes attaching different components of tyre to a metal core. This technology impacts the tyre degree of circularity and, in such a way, reduces vibration that might occur at high speeds.
  • Automatic connected control. Falken uses stat-of-the-art technologies and equipment. A computerized control system is used to control the process of tyre formation. The equipment works with precision and is accurate to 01 mm. In comparison to traditional method of tyre manufacturing, this technology uses the optimal amount of materials and, which reduces tyre weight.

Falken tyre range

Falken tyre range includes winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-season tyres.

  • All-season tyres are a good solution for those, who drive in regions with mild winters. Falken all-season tyres are characterized by attractive design and the latest technologies. All-season tyres are produced from advanced silica tread compound and have asymmetric design that ensure good grip on dry, wet and icy road.
  • Falken summer tyres are characterized by noise-absorption technology, which ensure quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Winter tyres of Falken brand is a good choice, if you are looking for reliable winter tyres. Due to advanced technologies applied in the process of manufacturing, winter tyres have excellent stability and grip on icy and snowy road.

Where to buy Falken tyres

The cost of Falken tyres is considered to be competitive and very reasonable, considering quality of the product. However, if you are looking for cheap Falken tyres option, you will easily find a good offer in online shops. Online shops offer great service and have relatively lower Falken tyres price. Moreover, you can frequently find nice deals like “buy three tyres and get one more for free”. Buy Falken tyres online and save money.

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