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Experience the cutting edge with Metzeler Tourance tyres

If you have the desire to experience the cutting edge of motorcycle riding, then the quality performance provided by the ongoing development of Metzeler Tourance tyres will meet and even exceed your expectations!

Metzeler is a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer who in 1871 established their first factory in Schwanthalerstrasse but due to consumer demand, a new factory was constructed in 1887. Because of innovative new technology related to the processing of India rubber, Metzler applied for and was awarded the patent for this particular process.

The patented “Metzeler Advanced Winding” system maximizes the determined space between the cords of the 0° steel belt. Depending on the performance needs for that particular tyre, defined sections will incorporate the steel cording with different spacing. The front and rear Tourance Metzeler tyres have a wider spaced cord on the crown region, designed for increased elasticity and self-damping.

Consumer advantage with Metzeler Tourance tyres

Motorcycle riders are discerning in their tyre selection, due to the critical need for safety and dependability. At the same time, they also demand the best possible performance values. This is a brand that constantly looks towards the future of motorcycling; with the utilisation of new materials, new and innovative tread designs, as well as advanced rubber compounds.
Technical development and value is a term that is also seen in the Metzeler Tourance price which is a consideration of Metzler when ensuring their exceptional motorcycle history is continued with the riders of today!

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