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Safe-styled motoring with Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tyres

Motoring consumers are becoming ever-increasingly aware of the need for improved safety with regard to their tyres. At the same time, the demand is for a smooth and comfortable riding capability supported with cost-effectiveness! Looking first at the primary aspect of driver and passenger safety, Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tyres reportedly not only offer you shorter braking distance ability but also one that applies to dry and wet surface conditions!

This, in turn, impacts on the demand for improved cost-effectiveness, which is experienced with the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 price being invested in improved fuel efficiency. It’s a factor created by a reported 25-percent reduction in rolling resistance, which is especially pleasing for SUV and Crossover owners.

Michelin Latitude 3 Sport meeting performance demands with hi-tech designed tyres

Designed with an innovatively designed tread pattern, the Michelin Latitude 3 Sport is a tyre that features variable tread blocks, which effectively provide a smooth and comfortable ride. These technically designed tyres are constructed with a unique tread compound that includes the latest elastomers, thereby offering extended tyre-life. In addition, a two-ply casing provides added support and strength.

With many lifestyles involving long hours behind a steering wheel, comfort is seen as an essential element and your tyres are a major contributor. Latitude 3 Sport Michelin tyres create that crucial bonding between your vehicle and a road surface, with a design innovation that makes driving less of a fatigue issue and instead, one that can be a satisfying travel experience.

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