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Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tyres

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We Have The Perfect Tyres For You: The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tyres

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tyres are highstreet tubeless sports bike tyres that promise high performance standards no matter where you go. In terms of the way these pirelli diablo rosso 2 are made is that they have a Bi-Compound rear tyre that allows for long lasting mileage and excellent grip to the surface. In order to further improve your bike’s grip, these tyres have Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) which further improves how the tyres stick to the ground as it gives more contact on the road in order for enhanced control while yet remaining extremely flexible at the same time. We all understand that tyres need to perform equally well in wet surfaces as they do in dry ones so to counter that, these pirelli diablo rosso 2s also contain a functional groove design that enhances grip on wet surfaces and makes driving the bike a lot more safer in rainy weather. This can be credited to the fact that these tyres have high silica content compound, blended with a reactive polymer that is known to provide great grip on wet surfaces. Then 25% of the shoulder area of the tyre contains the fine carbon-black and resins compound which provides stability on dry areas and also enhances the tyres’ sports capacities.

As for technical details, these tyres are tubeless rubber tyres are that are about 4kgs in weight. The rear tyre also has an increased slick area in the central rib and on extreme shoulder so it helps with braking efficiency and increase mileage turn out. The diameter of the front and the rear tyre are both 17 and these tyres come in a variety of different sizes and variations.

The pirelli diablo rosso 2 price is great for the value that the tyres offer because once you buy them, you can be sure of one fact that is rest assured you have the best quality tyres for your bike.

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